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The Latest News

HCA Football Open Cup 2018

Events 2018-04-24

 The opening ceremony of HCA Football Open Cup was held on 21st April, and there was a drawing to determine the initial pairing of the tournament


Company Holiday 2017 Announcement- Hung Kings Commemorations & Reunification and International Labor Day

 Due to the Hung Kings Commemorations & Reunification and International Labor Day, transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) office will be closed as following schedule


TTV Football League 2018 - 1st Tournament

Events 2018-04-18

 1st tournament of TTV football league was held on 12th April, and members seemed to be pumped up even more than they had so far because TTV picked up


1st TTV Badminton Cup 2018

Events 2018-04-11

 1st TTV Badminton Cup 2018 was taken place on 7th April in the District 10 of HCMC


Announcement Regarding Personnel Changes

Events 2018-03-30

 We would like to announce that the Company has made the following decision regarding personnel changes


Two Months Drupal Onsite in Japan

 Can, who belongs to TTV’s Drupal team completed his first onsite training in Tokyo, Japan


Welcome Internship students from Japanese University

 A week has already passed since two internship students, Miki and Yuya, came to transcosmos Technologic Arts


Year End Party 2017

Events 2018-03-14

 To welcome the Lunar New Year 2018 transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) organized the Year End Party with over 150 participants at a restaurant in Ho C


International Women’s Day 2018

Events 2018-03-09

Today, 8th March is one of them, and numerous events for cerebrating “International women’s day” are being held all around Vietnam showing the society’s love and respect for Vietnamese women


Lucky Money Delivery

Events 2018-02-27

 Welcome back everyone!!On the first working day after the Tet Holiday, transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) gave Lucky Money, called “Li xi” in Vietnam