A Week Onsite Training in Shibuya, Tokyo



transcosmos inc. TTV’s parent company have continued challenging various business and new projects since it launched its operations in 1966. Of course TTV have worked many projects so far, but it is very important to learn latest skill and operation for employees in order to earn further needs.


TTV has regularly sent employees to both Tokyo and Osaka offices of transcosmos inc. , and this was TTV’s sixth onsite training. Three members had stayed for only a week, but they did great job!



Until they went to Japan, they had communicated regularly through e-mails and chatting without facing each other. The onsite training which gave them face to face communication opportunity definitely will help them to make better relationship than ever and works in a good direction for future work.


The skill and experience that onsite members gained during this training would be the value of TTV. We would like to make good collaboration between Japan and Vietnam more and more.  

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